Various Design

I currently work as a freelance graphic designer, providing my services to various clients, which have included: Sparkle Designs, a wholesale fashion retailer, KPI, a nonprofit that provides housing for special needs adults, ambitRD, a startup focused on rare disease patient finding, and Surefire Creative Studios, an audio and video production studio.

Other graphic design experience comes from my classes and extracurriculars at Emerson College, as well as from personal projects. For my marketing capstone project I acted as the creative director of Express marketing agency, and for my entrepreneurial studies minor I developed a mock business called Music-Mine. Additional classroom experience includes exercises in layout, color, typography, and logo design. At EMcomm, Emerson College's marketing club, I acted as a member of the Creative Department, and at Five Cent Sound, Emerson's music magazine, I held the roles of Designer and Marketing Director. Besides school  work, other projects include Bands I've Seen, my music blog, and various other projects.